Founded in 2018 and originally an independent contemporary art space located in the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood of Cleveland’s east side, APIARY ROOM has transformed into a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to giving emerging artists opportunities to create works that spread community awareness and global social activism, providing new spaces to exhibit works, and coordinating events that enrich the arts and music community.


Our Mission

To bring together artists, musicians, and performers working in all mediums and to support creativity.

pollinate ideas | think critically | be inspired


  • Creativity




Once a small community-based art space that rejected the formal, “white cube” gallery design, APIARY ROOM has grown into a multi-dimensional organization providing support to emerging artists and filmmakers with a variety of programs and events.

Our goals …

  • To create a dialogue between the community and artists, musicians, and performers through networking events, exhibitions, and other local programs.

  • To cultivate social activism in a global setting by supporting artistic projects and documentary films by local artists that seek to shed light on global social issues.

  • To give new and young artists the space and support to develop and share their craft in new mediums and forms.

  • To support creativity and expand the growing network of artists seeking to meet other like-minded creatives.

  • To support collaboration of ideas, projects, and performances across disciplines through artistic interchange.

  • To bring artworks and performances to historically disadvantaged neighborhoods in the Greater Cleveland area because creativity should not be ‘redlined’, or systematically denied, to any community based on race, background, or history.