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RESURGENCE: An exhibition on identity at a time of restoration.

Featuring a group of local artists who represent a growing community of artists in Cleveland claiming their voice in a midwestern city regenerating into a center of art and culture. 

In a state of resurrection, the city of Cleveland has shifted into a mecca of art and culture over the past decade.  Cleveland’s expanding art scene continues to attract young artists exploring their identities and developing their unique artistic voice.

The artists in this exhibition all face issues with their personal and social identity.  Identity shapes the way one is perceived as an individual, and as part of society and one’s culture.  Barillas creates work that celebrates his Guatemalan cultural heritage.  His vibrant drawings are inspired by the saturated tones of the customs and traditions of the Mayan people of his ancestry.  Inspired by the 20th century cubism art movement, Webb questions our current generation’s counter culture relation to the Beat Generation of the 1950’s.  By distorting and deconstructing people and then putting them back together using a colorful palette, Webb attempts to understand how perception guides how individuals understand the external personalities of strangers as well as friends.  Cade works with traditional photographic processes to explore her identity in relation to the natural world, and how nature influences the human psyche.  By exploring candid photography in ordinary moments of life, Carpenter attempts to use his film camera to capture the vulnerable moments of his peers.  These images represent Carpenter’s quest to develop his social identity in relationship to his active engagement with his community.  Lyttle uses different mediums to remark on the way identity can be transparent, and other times may be veiled by symbols and representations developed by our culture.  By using found and repurposed building materials as a medium for his sculptures, Gfell makes a critique on the nature of our contemporary consumer culture.  Yet other artists in the exhibition, such as Lewis and Kohn, use their art to explore their personal passions: herbalism and culinary practice, respectively.

The works of these artists will continue to represent Cleveland’s rapidly growing voice and identity.